December 18, 2018

Custom Playlist Campaign

Many customers want to know how they can maximize their royalty returns via our playlist promotion services. There are 2 options to choose from.

  • Album On Multiple playlists( Up to 5)

All of our services come with 1 to 5 playlists placements. The most affordable option is to place your song on 1 playlist on 1 platform (Tidal, Napster, Apple, Spotify) for 1 month. To maximize your royalty payout, you can purchase the option to have an album placed on multiple playlists on multiple platforms, for multiple months.

  • Private Playlists

This is the most expensive and most profitable option. As you know, playlists are created with the intention to bring attention and streams to multiple songs from multiple artists. In other words, your song or album can be placed on playlists with 25 to 100 other songs from other artists. To fully maximize your streaming royalties, we can create multiple playlists with only your music on them. This option is ideal for artists with a large catalogue of released music, managers with multiple artists and indie and major labels with multiple artists on their rosters.

The Private playlist options:

  • 3 napster playlists
  • 6 Tidal playlists
  • 5 Apple music playlists
  • 5 tidal playlists

To purchase a private playlist campaign or for information on custom orders for more playlists or adding other platforms to your promotion (amazon music etc)please feel free to contact us here: