May 9, 2018


Here is a page with our most frequently asked questions.  

  1. How can I track any of the streams delivered when I order the playlists placement service?

– Distributors like Distrokid allow you the ability to track Spotify streams. For the other platforms such as Tidal, Google play etc you would have to sign up for an account with soundscan.

     2. How does the royalty pay outs work? Are you guys getting the royalties directly and then splitting with me?

-No, any royalties collected from any of our streaming services are yours to keep. We do not deal with the tracking of streams or royalties collected. We simply deliver the service you purchase.

3. How many times can I purchase the same service from you guys? Are there any limits I should know about?

-No! You are free to order as much as you would like to.